Tuesday, December 13, 2011

He who asks is a fool | Michael Hyatt

He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.

I think this is a great quote.

All those user group members that are afraid to ask questions, should have this printed out and read it before every session.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Last Call for Delicious Users: Transfer Your Bookmarks | AVOS

The Delicious re-launch is coming soon and we’re excited for existing Delicious users to join us! To do so, you need to accept the AVOS terms of service* and privacy policy* to transfer your bookmarks and user data to the new site by September 23, 2011.

Click here to make the switch!

We plan to start migrating everyone’s data to the new site on September 24, so any Delicious users who haven’t opted in by September 23 will lose all their bookmarks and account information. Consider this the final reminder: if you want to bring all your links to cool websites along for the ride when Delicious re-launches, please transfer your bookmarks now.

Still not convinced? You’re a tough sell, but we’ll give it a shot. Here are some of the key benefits for acting now:

  • Maintain uninterrupted use of Delicious.
  • Keep your current Delicious username, account information and all your bookmarks. Any bookmarks you’ve marked as private will remain that way.
  • Be the first to try brand new features on the new Delicious.

You also have the option of exporting/downloading your Delicious bookmarks up until September 23, 2011.

For all of you joining us, we’ll be announcing here when the new Delicious.com goes live – so stay tuned. See you all soon!

*Last updated on September 14, 2011

If you have not transferred your Delicious bookmarks, you do not have much longer.

Follow these instructions to do so.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

4 Open Source Software to Delete Files Permanently | digg freeware


If you want to permanently delete specific file in MSWindows, one of these should work for you.

Just click on the link above to read the whole post containing links to the downloads.

I have not personally used any of these. If you have, please let me know what you think.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Make it Easy for Friends and Family to Send a Quick Screencast


If you are like me, family and friends call wanting help with computer problems, but seem to speak a different language, which you find hard to interpret.

I ran across the post above, and it looks like it could be helpful in such a situation, and that non-technical people would be able to handle.

Just click on the link above to read the whole post.

I have not personally tried this out yet, but intend to in the near future.

Has anyone used this yet? If so, how did things work out for you?

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interesting Internet Finds June 26, 2011

In the course of going through the more than 200 news feeds in my Google Reader, I often run across things that I think might be of interest to other user group members.

The following are some items I found interesting in my Google Reader feeds during the week ending June 24, 2011.

How To Change The Default Picture Save Location In Microsoft Word
Use Windows 7 and MSWord 2010? If so, this should be of help.

How To Protect Your Files From Prying Eyes On Dropbox | PCMech
If you want a little more security in Dropbox, without fooling with encryption apps, this might work well for you.

How to Revive a Dead Laptop Battery | PCMech

If you have a completely dead laptop battery, this might just be worth a shot.

Get More From Your Kindle: Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Free Books - How-To Geek
Have a Kindle? If so, be sure to read this.

The above are only some of the things that might be of interest to other user group members in the past week.

If you would like to see more, you can get access to them on my delicious bookmarks page: http://www.delicious.com/sefc.ug.

If you use delicious.com also, join my network, so you can see what I have saved, and I can see what you have saved.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Did Add or Remove Programs Disappear? | Windows 7 Tutorials


Have you moved up to Windows 7 and now are looking for the Add/Remove Programs applet?

If so, click on the link above and read the article. Learn about the other options also.

It took me a while to figure this out on my own, when I got my Windows 7 PC, but this detailed explanation makes it really easy.

Did this help you? If so, check out http://www.7tutorials.com for like items, and let me know what you think.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Use Binder Clips to Mend Broken Keyboard Feet | Apartment Therapy Unplggd


This is not really a freeware issue, but is low cost.

I know that I will be using this DIY (do it yourself) tip, as those little keyboard feet are constantly breaking off. This happens primarily at work, so the material is readily available.

Just click on the link above to read the full article to find out how to do this.

Is this something that was helpful? If so, let me know and subscribe to their feed for more useful information.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Breaker Notifies You When It Is Time To Take Break While Working


Do you forget to take a break when using your PC? If so, try this piece of software out.

Click the link above to read the whole article.

Do you use some other kind of timer system to remind you to take a break. If so, drop a comment and let me know about it.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Set the Default Zoom Level in ANY Web Browser


Something I have not thought about, but computer user group members, and many other browser users, should find of interest.

Great tips! Click the link above to read the article.

Do you use default zoom settings in your browser? If so why?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How To Repair Scratched and Damaged Photographs or Scans - How-To Geek


Useful tips from howtogeek.com for repairing damaged photos or scans using Photoshop, GIMP, and Paint.net.

If you use any of these applications check it out.

Click on the link above to read the whole article.

Try these tips out and let me know if they helped you.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Best Free Online Applications and Services


Two pages of free online applications and services from one of my favorite free software resources. Some have reviews, some not. As they are all online, they should be available regardless of operating system.

You should be able to find something of use to you amongst all of this.

Just click the link above to read the whole thing.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Opera Browser Setup for Slow Connections

The main topic at the April 28, 2011 Freeware SIG session was inspired by a posting on Lifehacker.com, as the internet connection where we meet is usually very slow.
As usual, the session started off with a short slide show presentation of the main topic, and then we branched off into other items of interest to those in attendance.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Allow your data to be moved with Delicious

Delicious is moving to a new home

Yahoo! is excited to announce that Delicious has been acquired by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. As creators of the largest online video platform, they have firsthand experience enabling millions of users to share their experiences with the world. Delicious will become part of their new Internet company, AVOS.

To continue using Delicious, you must agree to let Yahoo! transfer your bookmarks to AVOS.

Reasons to let Yahoo! transfer your bookmarks

As soon as you let Yahoo! move your Delicious account, you will:

  • Enjoy uninterrupted use of Delicious.
  • Keep your Delicious account and all your bookmarks.
  • Keep the same look and feel of Delicious as you have today, and enjoy future innovations for the product.

It's easy to have Yahoo! move your account to AVOS. When you do, you will be subject to the AVOS terms of service and privacy policy.

What happens if you do not move your bookmarks?

  • Delicious in its current form will be available until approximately July 2011.
  • After that, you will no longer be able to use your existing Delicious account and will not have access to your existing bookmarks or account information.

Learn more >>

I just went to sign in to my Delicious.com and got the message above.

As some of you know, I frequently bookmark items of interest to computer user groups at: http://www.delicious.com/sefc.ug/usergroup.

I have decided to go ahead and transition to the new AVOS, to keep things going.

Do you use Delicious.com? If so, what do you think of all this?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Find Creative Commons Content With Google


Don't plagiarize use Creative Commons content. Click on the via makeuseof.com link and read the article to see how easy it is to find content you can legally use for your blog, website, or whatever.

Do you currently use Creative Commons content? If not, why not?

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Monday, April 25, 2011

NY case underscores Wi-Fi privacy dangers - Yahoo! News


I secure my wi-fi router, and this article reinforces the reasons why you should too.

Do you secure your wi-fi router? If not, why not?

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Important Warning: Be Careful Downloading Open Source Apps via Search - How-To Geek


If you download open source software, make sure you read this whole article -- just click the link above-- and be careful what you are doing.

Found via the How-To Geek blog.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

March 24, 2011 Freeware SIG Session

There was no PowerPoint presentation for this session, nor was there a handout. This post will have all the links referenced during the session.

The session was opened by informing all that IE (Internet Explorer) 9 and Firefox 4 (both full and portable versions) were released during the week. Also advised that IE 9 does not work on MSWindows systems lower than Vista, so if XP is being used you will have to stick with IE 8, but make sure to keep updated.

The main portion of the session for the evening dealt with some freeware for working with text.

The three shown were:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Press Release: Get Access to Texts Copied Earlier to Clipboard by Pressing the Idle Caps Lock Key

Get Access to Texts Copied Earlier to Clipboard by Pressing the Idle Caps Lock Key
Outertech has released Clipboard History 1.0, a freeware Windows Clipboard manager. With Clipboard History you can access up to twenty texts previously copied to the Clipboard, using the usually idle Caps Lock key.

When you press the Caps Lock key, you will see a menu of saved texts. Select a text with the keyboard or with your mouse and it will be pasted to the current application. You can add up to twenty permanent predefined text clips (or "Stickies") to this menu. Clipboard History offers also advanced features like text filtering and fixing of multiline browser links.

Along with Clipboard History, Outertech has updated all its current applications.

Linkman 8.0 (short for Link Manager) is a bookmark manager designed to handle large numbers of links. Let's face it - browser bookmark systems were designed with the casual internet user in mind. But for some of us, links and bookmarks are part of our daily work lives. Things get pretty unwieldy with thousands (and for some folks, even ten thousands!) of bookmarks. Linkman integrates with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera, and supports bookmark synchronization between browsers and among computers.

Cacheman 7.10 (short for Cache Manager) is a Windows performance optimization tool. The computer cache is a special high-speed storage method. Requested data can be retrieved faster from a local cache than from its original location. Cacheman tweaks cache components for a faster computer. You can use Auto-Optimize to get the best tweaks for all cache parameters. Cacheman also allows you to reduce lag in computer games, by giving more power to the chosen game, and less to the background programs that would otherwise slow it down.

System requirements for all apps: Windows XP, Vista or 7, 32 or 64bit.

Clipboard History page: http://www.outertech.com/clipboard-history
Linkman page: http://www.outertech.com/bookmark-manager
Cacheman page: http://www.outertech.com/faster-computer
Download page: http://www.outertech.com/en/download
Screenshot gallery: http://www.outertech.com/en/screenshot-gallery
Company page: http://www.outertech.com/

Incorporated in 1999, Outertech is a software development company based in Coburg, Germany. Our mission statement: "To make computers more stable, more useful, faster, and easier to use." Outertech's lead product is Cacheman (short for Cache Manager), an award-winning Microsoft Windows performance optimization program initially developed in 1996 as the very first Windows optimization software ever. Cacheman is currently available as version 7 for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Linkman (short for Link Manager) is another major Outertech project, an outstanding bookmark manager that integrates with the Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera browsers. Initially released in 1997, Linkman's XML databases have been praised for 14 years of bookmark data security. Version 8 was released in March 2011.

Thomas Reimann
E-mail: distribution@outertech.com
Phone: +49(0)9561 9762733
Fax: +49(0)9561 6756257

Have not personally checked this software out, but I thought it might be of interest.

I have seen this on ZDNet, CNet, and other reputable download sites for freeware.

If you have used this, let me know what you think of it.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Print to PDF or Image on Windows

I have talked about the Bullzip PDF Printer a few times at the BRCS Freeware SIG, and have it installed on my Vista notebook.

This cybernetnews.com post details quite a few options that I have not yet used, and did not even know were available. I will have to check into these other options. I normally just use it when I don't have a printer hooked up to the notebook, which is most of the time.

If you need a good PDF printing utility, I recommend this.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Either comment on this post, or get with me at the BRCS Freeware SIG session.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where I Find Free Software February 24, 2011 Session

After a long absence due to meeting place being unavailable for November and December of 2010, and the moderator's unavailability for January 2011, the BRCS Freeware Special Interest Group (SIG) met in the evening of Thursday, February 24, 2011.

The subject was where to find free software. We were actually able to go to a few of the sites mentioned, and then our connection to the internet suddenly died out.

The presentation, notes, and a document containing all the links mentioned, have been posted in LibreOffice, Microsoft, and PDF formats at:


These are all under a Creative Commons license, so you may use, alter to suit your own needs, share with others, etc., as long as attribution to http://brcsfreewaresig.blogspot.com/ is shown, it is for noncommercial purposes, and it is shared under the same licensing.

As always, please comment if you need more information, or if you have further information.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

MakeUseOf Guides

There are lots of free PDF guides available at MakeUseOf.

I have downloaded and use quite a few of them.

There are some great ideas for user group presentations, as well as a wealth of useful information.

I highly recommend MakeUseOf.com for computer users of all ages and level of experience.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Transparent Lock for your Windows Computer

This looks like a regular desktop but it’s actually locked. Surprised? Read on..

clear windows lock

Before leaving the desk, you can quickly lock your computer using the “Windows logo key + L” shortcut and that will prevent anyone else from using the system in your absence.

However, if you have programs running on your computer that you want others to see while you are away but without giving them access to the system, try Clearlock.

This is tiny Windows utility that will also lock your computer but adds a transparent layer to your desktop screen. That means people can view what happening on the desktop but they can’t use it unless they have a password.

To get started, launch Clearlock (it emits an irritating sound the first time you run it), give a password and your screen /computer gets locked. The password box will also disappear in the next few seconds.

This utility will also come handy if you have placed your computer at a public place (like a kiosk) and its playing some presentation in a loop – the passersby can watch the presentation but won’t be able to mess with the workstation even if you are away for lunch. You can also use it to protect your system from kids at home.


Source: Digital Inspiration 27JAN11 Post


Should be useful for running a looped promotional presentation/video at a user group meeting, while everyone coming in, so visitors get an idea of what your group is all about.  I think I will give a try at the next general meeting, while checking members in.

If anyone has used this or similar technology, please let me know how it worked out for you.


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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LibreOffice 3.3, the open source office suite, now available

LibreOffice -- the Document Foundation's fork of OpenOffice -- has come a long way since the project was first announced in September 2010. Today, the Foundation has announced that its first stable release, LibreOffice 3.3, is ready to download.

Among the many changes you'll find in version 3.3 are the arrival of new import filters and improvements to existing ones -- key features when you're trying to persuade users to migrate from competing suites like Microsoft Office, Works, or WordPerfect. Calc (the LibreOffice spreadsheet app) now boasts better Excel interoperability, SVG images can be opened and modified in Draw, and they can also be imported into Writer.

The Suite's PowerPoint alternative -- Presenter -- now ships with a presentation mode plug-in which makes controlling slideshows from your laptop a breeze. Testers will enjoy the addition of Experimental Mode, which you can toggle if you'd like to play with new features before they've officially been added to LibreOffice. It's a bit like the about:flags page in Google Chrome. LibreOffice 3.3 also sports a long list of interface and usability tweaks -- check out this page at the official site for a complete rundown.

Download LibreOffice 3.3 for Windows, Mac, or Linux

Tags: apps, document foundation, DocumentFoundation, libreoffice, libreoffice 3.3, Libreoffice3.3, linux, mac, office, open source, openoffice, OpenSource, oss, productivity, suite, windows

I have been waiting for a stable version, so I can try it out instead of OpenOffice.org. Thanks DownloadSquad

Will be trying out soon.

If you have worked with LibreOffice, let me know what you think about it.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Ultimate Scientific Calculator. From Microsoft. And It's Free.

The Ultimate Scientific Calculator. From Microsoft. And It's Free.

Microsoft used to sell a program called Mathematics, which was aimed at students.  It was a very capable product, able to solve equations, draw graphs, do calculus, and much more.  Ideal for anyone involved with mathematics, science, engineering, physics, and so on.

So why do I say "used to sell"?  Have they stopped producing it?  No.  They've merely stopped selling it, and are now giving it away!  There's even a brand new version, 4,0, which was launched only last week.

You can get it from http://www.microsoft.com/education/products/student/math/default.aspx.  It runs on all versions of Windows from XP onwards, and is available in both 32- and 64-bit flavours.  The installer itself is an 18 MB download, although you'll also need .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, which is another 53 MB if you don't already have it.

If you're a student, or you need to do mathematical calculations in your work, then check out Microsoft Mathematics.  And if you use Word or OneNote a lot, there's even a version which works as an add-on in those programs too.


Microsoft Mathematics


Another good find from gizmo's freeware.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RedNotebook: Free Daily Journal Software

Looks interesting.

I am not much of a journalizer myself, but if I wanted to try it this sounds real good, and the price is right.

Anyone into journaling? If so, try it and let me know what you think.

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Free Licenses of PDFZilla Time-limited Giveaway - Offer Expires February 5, 2011


Now users can get free PDFZilla giveaway licenses to convert PDF documents to editable formats.

PDFZilla.com today starts their free Time-limited Giveaway promotion for the powerful PDF converter product - PDFZilla at http://www.pdfzilla.com/giveaway.html


The free giveaway will be closed on Feb 5th, 2011. During this time PDFZilla is for free for all users and visitors.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file type designed by Adobe System for document exchange and mostly used to represent bi-dimensional docs independent of software, hardware or operating system PDF files can encompass text, fonts, images and even 2D vector graphics. This specific kind of document is used on a large scale, and it stands tall as one of the best-made file types. 

PDFZilla is a much more useful thing to have around than the legendary movie monster. With PDFZilla, users will be able to convert a PDF document into Word with only 3 mouse clicks. The program preserves the original quality of the PDF files and converts both text and images. Users can convert the entire PDF or selected pages only and event convert multiple files in the batch mode, which may come in very handy when working with large book or document archives. In addition to the Word format, PDFZilla can convert PDF files to DOC, RTF, TXT, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, HTML and SWF files. Finally, the program has a very simple and nice-looking interface that will take a moment or two to get used to. 

The giveaway is 100% free with no functional limitation. Giveaway promotion page: http://www.pdfzilla.com/giveaway.html



Received this via an email from Linda Gonse of the Orange County PC Users' Group, a fellow Newsletter Editor.


Thank you Linda.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

34 Brand New Free Programs

Each year our friends over at the Donation Coder website hold a contest to encourage the development of new free software.  The results of their 2011 contest have just been announced with 34 new programs of which 20 were placed in the top category.

Mostly these programs are small specialist utilities.  They are not exactly life changing but most users will find something here that will interest them.

I tried two that were were relevant to me and they both worked well.   The first was Speed Monitor that allows you to monitor and track the load speed of websites over time. I’m using it right now to monitor the performance of the Gizmos’ Freeware website.  The second was Cautomaton that allows you automate actions that are otherwise hidden away in the context menu of a file. It’s for experienced users only but it did allow me to solve a problem that had otherwise eluded me.

Most of the programs look to be freeware but I haven’t checked all 34 so it is possible that some are licensed as donationware using the fair and equitable Donationcoder system where a single donation to the site gives you access to all the programs on the site.  I made a donation and I hope you do as well as this site does a great job helping freeware and freeware authors.

This list is definitely worth checking out.  Like me you might find a utility that solves a long standing problem.




Always something good from Gizmo. I have not tried any of these myself yet, but I usually find something every year from where he is sending us.

If you find something you think is useful, please let me know about it.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Turn Google Chrome into a Text Editor with Write Space - Linux Magazine Online

Turn Google Chrome into a Text Editor with Write Space

Jan 07, 2011 7:52pm GMT

Dmitri Popov

The Write Space app for Google Chrome and Chromium can come in rather handy when you need to quickly scribble down a note without leaving the browser.

Once installed, Write Space adds a no-frills text editor to the browser. Despite its simplicity, Write Space has a handful of nifty features. For example, the persistent auto-save function saves the text file on every key press, so you don't have to worry about losing your changes. Write Space also offers live document statistics, such as number of words, line, and characters. You don't need an Internet connection in order to use Write Space, and the app saves text files locally. Write Space also makes a great tool for users practicing the art of distraction-free writing. Press F11 while in the browser to switch the app to the full-screen mode. The app's preferences screen lets you tweak Write Space's settings. Here you can change the default font and font size, adjust line spacing, tweak color scheme, etc. Using the Import button, you can load an existing text file into the app.

The main weakness of the current version of Write Space is the lack of an export feature. You can, of course, export the text manually by copying the text and pasting it into an external text editor, but this workaround doesn't replace a proper export feature. There is no synchronization capabilities either, so Write Space is limited to your desktop -- at least for now.


Print this page.


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I use Google Chrome almost all the time as my browser. I have installed this and it is good for something quick, but is still very rudimentary.

Do not have to open a separate text editor though, so it does save some time if I want to work on a comment or something and then just paste it in when I have it right.

Works wherever Google Chrome works, and free.

Worth a try in my opinion.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CHRISdotTODD: Move Off Screen Window in Windows 7

Move Off Screen Window in Windows 7

Back in Windows XP, I found it easy to recover a window that the Title Bar was off the screen. When this occurred in Windows 7, I was surprised to find the same trick didn't work (right-click the icon in the Task bar, select Move, and use the arrow keys to grab and move the window).

In Windows 7, it's not difficult, just different.

  1. Select the program in the Task Bar.
  2. Hold the Windows key and press an arrow key.
  3. Repeat the arrow key movement as necessary.
The Windows key + arrow key offers other interesting options even with fully visible windows. Try Windows key + right or left arrow to get the window to take 1/2 of the screen. Use Windows key + up or down arrow to maximize or minimize, respectively, the window.

I have not had this problem yet. But it is good to know in advance, so I don't go crazy.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Annoyance: The 1GB Wall | PCMech

If you have a file that’s over 1GB you need to send to someone else via internet, you have to split it first. The easiest way to do this is with 7-Zip:


When creating an archive, you purposely have the file split into 1GB pieces on creation so MegaUpload will accept it. Afterward you have to send each file individually. It’s also required that the recipient has 7-Zip

installed and knows how to put the pieces together (which is easy) and extract the file once received.

Remember, the file split/MegaUpload method is the best (or should I say least worst) way of sending high volumes of data.

The whole article explains other options, but the way shown is what they prefer for large files.

I do use 7-zip, but have not tried splitting files with it.

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