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Turn Google Chrome into a Text Editor with Write Space

Jan 07, 2011 7:52pm GMT

Dmitri Popov

The Write Space app for Google Chrome and Chromium can come in rather handy when you need to quickly scribble down a note without leaving the browser.

Once installed, Write Space adds a no-frills text editor to the browser. Despite its simplicity, Write Space has a handful of nifty features. For example, the persistent auto-save function saves the text file on every key press, so you don't have to worry about losing your changes. Write Space also offers live document statistics, such as number of words, line, and characters. You don't need an Internet connection in order to use Write Space, and the app saves text files locally. Write Space also makes a great tool for users practicing the art of distraction-free writing. Press F11 while in the browser to switch the app to the full-screen mode. The app's preferences screen lets you tweak Write Space's settings. Here you can change the default font and font size, adjust line spacing, tweak color scheme, etc. Using the Import button, you can load an existing text file into the app.

The main weakness of the current version of Write Space is the lack of an export feature. You can, of course, export the text manually by copying the text and pasting it into an external text editor, but this workaround doesn't replace a proper export feature. There is no synchronization capabilities either, so Write Space is limited to your desktop -- at least for now.


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I use Google Chrome almost all the time as my browser. I have installed this and it is good for something quick, but is still very rudimentary.

Do not have to open a separate text editor though, so it does save some time if I want to work on a comment or something and then just paste it in when I have it right.

Works wherever Google Chrome works, and free.

Worth a try in my opinion.

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