Friday, September 16, 2011

Last Call for Delicious Users: Transfer Your Bookmarks | AVOS

The Delicious re-launch is coming soon and we’re excited for existing Delicious users to join us! To do so, you need to accept the AVOS terms of service* and privacy policy* to transfer your bookmarks and user data to the new site by September 23, 2011.

Click here to make the switch!

We plan to start migrating everyone’s data to the new site on September 24, so any Delicious users who haven’t opted in by September 23 will lose all their bookmarks and account information. Consider this the final reminder: if you want to bring all your links to cool websites along for the ride when Delicious re-launches, please transfer your bookmarks now.

Still not convinced? You’re a tough sell, but we’ll give it a shot. Here are some of the key benefits for acting now:

  • Maintain uninterrupted use of Delicious.
  • Keep your current Delicious username, account information and all your bookmarks. Any bookmarks you’ve marked as private will remain that way.
  • Be the first to try brand new features on the new Delicious.

You also have the option of exporting/downloading your Delicious bookmarks up until September 23, 2011.

For all of you joining us, we’ll be announcing here when the new goes live – so stay tuned. See you all soon!

*Last updated on September 14, 2011

If you have not transferred your Delicious bookmarks, you do not have much longer.

Follow these instructions to do so.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

4 Open Source Software to Delete Files Permanently | digg freeware


If you want to permanently delete specific file in MSWindows, one of these should work for you.

Just click on the link above to read the whole post containing links to the downloads.

I have not personally used any of these. If you have, please let me know what you think.

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