Links Referenced in SIG Sessions

This page contains links to various websites referenced in SIG sessions:

February 24, 2011 - Where I Find Free Software

See the WhereIFindFreeSoftware-links document at

OpenOffice/LibreOffice version (.odt) in the LibreOffice Format folder
Microsoft Office version (.doc) in the Microsoft Format folder
PDF version (.pdf) in the PDF Format folder

October 28, 2010 - Online Storage

From both the notes, and the presentation:

Microsoft Live Skydrive


Picasa Web Albums

The following are links to information about each of the above, from Wikipedia, that will give you more in depth information than I can give.

September 23, 2010 - Digital Image Editors

From the notes:

July 22, 2010 - Freeware Procedures

From the presentation:

Testing & Safety

From the New Freeware Process document:

PC World,84516/download.html
gizmo's freeware

Session files:

June 24, 2010 - Office Suite - Writer:

The main website – download from here
Open Office forums – problem solving

Session files:

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