Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 10 Beginner Level Video Tutorials To Learn GIMP Fast

You can find a myriad of written tutorials and websites on GIMP, the open-source Photoshop alternative, as well as YouTube channels dedicated to GIMP tutorials, but which tutorials are more suitable and totally worthwhile for beginners?

Since I’m also a learner of GIMP, I thought that tutorials illustrating the first few points of the official user manual from GIMP.org may just be what beginners need to familiarize themselves. This collection here gathers clearly-narrated screencasts and are thus very good starting points for those that don’t prefer to read long user manuals.

So hit the jump to learn more GIMP terminology.

Yet another post related to the discussion about free photo editing software at the 23SEP10 BRCS Freeware / Open Source SIG (Special Interest Group) meeting.

Some excellent videos for GIMP beginners.

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