Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Microsoft Security Essentials Client Update 29JUN10

Today, I started a computer on which I have Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) as my anti-virus/anti-malware application.

There was a Microsoft Update icon showing, and the MSE icon was yellowed out. When I checked out what the update was, I found it was the Microsoft Security Essentials Client update package KB224596, so I let Automatic Updates install it:

When it was completed, the MSE icon returned to its regular green, signifying that it is up to date, and running. The following screenshot shows the MSE About page, after the client update:

I don't know exactly when the update was posted, as this particular computer is not run every day. In fact, it has not been started up since June 25th.

My recommendation is that anyone using MSE should apply the client update as soon as possible, if they have not done so yet.

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